A two story man waves you into a parking lot. Glow in the dark pixies dance in a cave. Grizzly bears look for a hand out in a gift shop. Tourists walk into the mouth of an alligator.

Call them tacky, call them kitsch, but without the many wondrous sights along the road, getting there would not be half the fun it is.

In an age of chain everything, Back on Tack beams a gaudy spotlight on the eccentric and the individualistic. This is a trip through the past and a look at present roadside structures that beg not to be obscured by yet more corporate sterilization of the landscape.

Enjoy the view!

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Mother Goose's Grave, Hill-Billy Village, Ally McBeal's Office, World's Largest Chocolate Moose, The Bahi Hut, Peachoid, Stripper Spaceship, Amazing Oranges, Rock City

Back on Tack is resurfaced monthly with new attractions, story updates, and news items from the side of the road. See the latest construction projects in coming distractions.

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